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Costa Mesa is a place where families love to live and raise their children. Four years ago, my husband and I purchased our home in the Westside for the opportunity to enjoy quality living with neighbors we get to call friends today. Unfortunately, the Westside is experiencing crime, homelessness, drug use, litter, and our roads are in disrepair. For far too long we have been underserved without a strong voice to represent us. I am running to become that strong voice we need so we can find real solutions to our shared problems. 

I am a real estate professional, wife and Costa Mesa homeowner on the Westside. Born to a Mexican immigrant father and Angeleno mother, I am a first generation American. Like many hardworking immigrants seeking a better life, my father immigrated to find his American dream. After earning his citizenship serving in the United States Army, my parents became successful entrepreneurs helping others achieve homeownership.

         At 15 years old, I was immersed into the family real estate business learning the tenets of entrepreneurship, hard work, and self-improvement. Following in my parents’ footsteps, I have passionately served the public’s housing needs for nearly 18 years. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Phoenix in Criminal Justice, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Urban Affairs from the University of La Verne. I am an active part of a local homeowner’s association building and design, and parking committee. I also play alto-saxophone since the age of nine. My education and life experience prepares me with the skills to help us follow a fiscally conservative plan as well as understand the inner workings of government and policy making so we can prepare for our future.

Moreover, I have volunteered my time in CA’s prison education program and tutored aspiring elementary school musicians. When communities offer access to equal opportunity, and meaningful tools and resources, “at risk” individuals can become the architects of their own destiny. They have a chance to change the pattern of behaviors that often lead to a life of incarceration, homelessness, and substance abuse.

I believe my experience in these areas uniquely positions me to improve the Westside. Most importantly, I am not a politician or beholden to political groups; this means I’ll fight to put your families and priorities first.

-Michelle Figueredo-Wilson



Figueredo-Wilson for City Council 2018
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