Trust in Governance and the Lowest Rates Possible

Did you know the Sanitary District recently approved a 5 year plan to increase your sewer and trash fees as high as 7%, but won’t provide new or improved services in return?

Did you know we pay $1.3 million more than Newport Beach and get less services?

Families and businesses pay this rate hike through increases in rent or bundled in a separate bill. As the cost of living increases, essential needs are becoming out of reach for many. The average household uses 28% of their income on housing and utilities, whereas, a single person pays 46%. During these difficult times, every dollar matters!

My Plan To Restore Affordable Rates & Trust in Governance:

  • Reducing sewer & trash rates while modifying the 5 year rate hike plan.
  • Re-Negotiating our 76-year-old trash contract with CR&R to reduce our cost and add more services.
  • Affordably expanding bulk-item pick up and recycling services to all households.

Ensure Clean and Safe Neighborhoods for Everyone

There is a clear service imbalance in our city that is unaddressed, especially in the Westside. All Costa Mesa residents deserve clean and healthy neighborhoods and parks, free of furniture and drug-needle dumping.

My Plan to Revitalize Neighborhoods:

  • Implement policies and collaborate with city leaders to mandate clean and safe neighborhoods.
  • Identify the areas in our CC&R contract creating the service imbalance, and renegotiate better terms at a lower cost.
  • Eliminate furniture, trash, and drug needle dumping in our parks and neighborhoods.
  • Provide equal access to recycling and trash pick up services.

Upgrading Our Infrastructure with the Best Technology and Innovation Available

We must be stewards of the environment by always seeking ways to improve our air quality, and maintaining healthy communities.

My Plan for Renewal:

  • Prevent toxins and pollutants by upgrading infrastructure with the most up to date technology.
  • Reduce methane emissions and help the city reduce its reliance on landfills.
  • Expand and incentivize citywide participation in our energy renewal program.
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"Our community needs more support during these challenging times. I’m committed to finding ways to save you as much of your hard earned money as possible, while providing higher quality services for less than what is currently being spent.” -Michelle

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