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Michelle is uniquely qualified to be our next City Council representative! She is passionate and cares about our community. Michelle has already gone above and beyond the call of duty to help my family with our issues and concerns that we have in an effort to make Costa Mesa a better place to live. Michelle has our full support! — Jeff Buchignani

After years of looking for leadership on westside-specific issues, Michelle is a true God send. She is bright, energetic, articulate, well versed in our history and challenges. As a westside resident, she understands our daily struggles with family safety, infrastructure maintenance, vagrancy-related vandalism and crime, need for targeted renewal of blighted and structurally deficient properties and tough enforcement on slumlords. She is committed to westside families and improving our quality of life and opportunity. She is common sense, pro-active and fiscally responsible. Best of all, she is politically independent and focused, not on the usual partisan games, but on our neighborhood and our families. She is the brightest light to emerge on the Costa Mesa scene in years. I suggest any D4 resident to reach out and meet with her... you will come away hopeful, energized and excited for her future in Costa Mesa leadership. — Julie Fowler

Michelle came to my house one day and let me know she is running for Costa Mesa city council. The purpose of her visit was to earn my vote. She immediately asked, "What kind of problems are you and your family facing as a resident? What are the issues that matter to you?" We talked for about 35-45 minutes during which time she listened AND took notes. She was able to give me straight answers, and when she wasn't certain about a subject she was forthright and indicated she would need to research the subject in order to respond. The greatest thing is she actually DID what she said... (researched) then followed up, including personal visits. Michelle took ACTION and it paid off. She made sure our voices were heard in front of city staff. She set up a meeting which included other concerned neighbors. Together we discussed solutions on how to address our respective challenges. Personally I have NEVER had any experience with a political candidate or in office politician that comes remotely close to the meaningful and genuine exchanges I have had with Michelle. If you are tired of the same old "tell the people what they want to hear" rhetoric, followed by NO action or results, or politicians doing the exact opposite of what they have promised, then I recommend Michelle. Michelle isn’t a politician and has impressed me as a real person who is actually super passionate about our community and representing US in a direct, pragmatic and results proven manner. These characteristics; unfortunately, are rare among the "status quo" politicians our local government is plagued with. Vote Michelle! — Steve Grass

Michelle has the right business experience, educational background, and years of personal experience as a volunteer and mentor to be a great asset to our city. On top of that, her priorities are where they need to be for her district; clean and safe neighborhoods. For the city, she is committed to fiscal stability. Costa Mesa and District Four need an experienced leader. Michelle is that leader! Janet and Bruce Krochman — Bruce Krochman

I met Michelle during one of her side to door canvassing. We told her the issues we are having and now she is working very hard to solve those problems for both my family and the rest of our district. How do I know she would work hard for her constituents, because I am watching her do it now. Also, she will be a strong roadblock for those council members throwing our city under the bus with the homeless and enabling their drug use with free needles!! — Bob Newberry

Michelle is passionate about the issues our community is experiencing now. She wants to truly resolve the issues and create a more safe, beautiful and peaceful living experience for all. — Pam Norton

I found Michelle to possess a depth of understanding on basic, practical issues that currently face many neighborhoods in Southern California. I believe that diligent, sustained focus on basic issues facing the 4th district will assist this wonderful and promising area to join in the greater Orange County prosperity trajectory we are now seeing. I believe that Michelle‚Äôs track record of diligence gives her the qualities necessary for such an effort. Costa Mesa at large will be very fortunate to have her on the City Council. Fred Solter 4th district home owner — Fred Solter

Michelle came to my front door and actually listened to my concerns. She has help us take action to better our neighborhood and really cares about the people in her community. She is passionate and strong. She has the same values I beleive in. She is approachable and smart. She has our houses vote — Piper Vaughn

Michelle truly cares about the issues facing our City. She is a strong and intelligent woman who absolutely get's my vote!   — Glenn Wilson
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